Income Tax Returns for Individuals, SME’s, CC’s and (Pty) Ltd

Income Tax

  • Deductions Allowed – Pension, Provident, Retirement Annuity: Ensure that all amounts have been recorded correctly. If these amounts are overstated by error, it can shoot up the tax liability.
  • Medical Certificates: Will ensure that all amounts are recorded for correctly and if other amounts allowed, will be advised to the client.
  • SME’s: Turnover Tax Option will be liaised with the client and consulted if this may be a more beneficial option
  • Sole Traders, CC’s and (Pty) Ltd: Ensure that all the financial accounting is up to date before submission and ensure that all deductions have been taken into account accordingly.
  • Tax return calculations, submissions, revision upon receipt of the assessment, ensuring all relevant deductions were taken into account by SARS.
  • Query with SARS as to why have assessments been raised or amounts contested for documentation and providing solutions for the client for possible resolution.
  • All unreconciled items are investigated with SARS and registered with its own case.
  • Submitting relevant supporting documentation to SARS relating to all business-related transactions and deductions.
  • Verify against the assessment as to whether all transactions and percentage allowances have been taken into account accordingly.
  • Advise if there are any tax savings available for the client what may not otherwise be proposed.